On the formation of fold-type oscillation marks in the continuous casting of steel

7/6/2017 One-minute read

My latest work has been published in Royal Society Open Science. The full text PDF can be downloaded for free here .


Asymptotic methods are employed to revisit an earlier model for oscillation-mark formation in the continuous casting of steel. A systematic non-dimensionalization of the governing equations, which was not carried out previously, leads to a model with 12 dimensionless parameters. Analysis is provided in the same parameter regime as for the earlier model, and surprisingly simple analytical solutions are found for the oscillation-mark profiles; these are found to agree reasonably well with the numerical solution in the earlier model and very well with fold-type oscillation marks that have been obtained in more recent experimental work. The benefits of this approach, when compared with time-consuming numerical simulations, are discussed in the context of auxiliary models for macrosegregation and thermomechanical stresses and strains.